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 New Movies for July.

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PostSubject: New Movies for July.   New Movies for July. Icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2007 1:15 am

New Movies for July.

July 11


Once upon a time, Acapulco was a fancy resort destination. But today it
lies in ruins. Amid this desolate backdrop, a suicidal old man must
decide if it's really time for him to bow out, a 15-year-old runaway
struggles for survival and a young couple must deal with the
possibility of breaking up.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

In his fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) is now
15-years-old and preparing for the Ordinary Wizarding Levels
examinations after a long summer away from school. He's also recruited
by a secret organization to prepare for the eventual return of the
epitome of evil, Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). Although, the group
busies itself behind the scenes, no other wizard believes Harry and
Dumbledore's (Michael Gambon) dire warnings, forcing a new witch
(Imelda Staunton) to assume control of the magical school.

July 13


When a serial killer kidnaps and tortures a fashion model and her
chauffeur, the two victims develop a romantic relationship inbetween
getting beaten and cut up.


Journalist Pierre Peders (Steve Buscemi) is used to covering wars all
over the world, so he's horribly upset when he learns that his next
assignment is to interview a vapid TV soap star (Sienna Miller).
However, although they seem like they are worlds apart, as the two
strangers start getting to really know each other, they realize they
have a lot more in common than they ever imagined.

My Best Friend

Francois (Daniel Auteuil), a cantankerous businessman, doesn't have
time for friends, but pretends he does so he doesn't look like such a
monster in his partner Catherine's (Julie Gayet) eyes. However,
Catherine isn't fooled and dares Francois to introduce her to his
closest confidante. Quickly, the only person Francois can dig up is a
suave cab driver (Danny Boon).

Shortcut to Happiness

This modern-day update of the classic story of The Devil and Daniel Webster
has a failed writer, Jabez Stone (Alec Baldwin), sell his soul to Satan
(Jennifer Love Hewitt) for a successful literary career. However, when
the deal isn't all it's cracked up to be, Jabez asks for help from a
powerful attorney, Daniel Webster (Anthony Hopkins), to weasel out of
it. This is also Alec Baldwin's directorial debut.

Talk to Me

Don Cheadle stars as Ralph Waldo "Petey" Greene, the real-life radio
personality who spread controversy over the Washington, D.C. airwaves
in the 1960s. An ex-con, "Petey" was one of the rare outspoken voices
during the turbulent civil rights era, which may have won him fans on
the radio, but not with his station's stuffy upper-management.


Two orphans struggle to survive on the mean streets of Treasure Town by
aggressively beating up anybody who encroaches on their territory. But
when a mega-corporation threaten to tear down the area and build an
amusement park, the two pairs may be up against their greatest
adversary yet.

July 20


Ben Willis (Sean Biggerstaff) is an art student who develops a bad case
of insomnia after he's unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend. Since
he can't sleep, Ben gets a late-night job a supermarket where he's
introduced to a wide array of crazy characters, including a cute
checkout girl (Emilia Fox) whom he develops a serious crush on.

Goya's Ghosts

In 1792, the Catholic Church brings back the Inquisition and a poor
artist's model (Natalie Portman) is unfairly imprisoned and tortured.
Twenty years later, that artist, Goya (Stellan Skarsgard), is haunted
by the memory of what happened to his young friend only to be
confronted by her when she is released from her hellish imprisonment.


An adaptation of the hit Broadway play, which was in turn inspired by
the 1988 John Waters classic, chubby teenager Tracy Turnblad (Nicole
Blonsky) will do anything to get on Corny Collins' (James Marsden)
local Baltimore dance show, even if it means defying her parents Edna
(John Travolta in drag) and Wilbur (Christopher Walken). And when she
eventually makes it on the rock 'n' roll progam, she surprisingly
becomes the hit of the city, much to the consternation of the previous
dancing queen, Amber Von Tussle (Brittany Snow) who will do anything to
dethrone her competition.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Chuck (Adam Sandler) is a firefighter who runs into some red carpet
while trying to name his kids as the beneficiaries to his life
insurance policy. So, Chuck's best friend, Larry (Kevin James), agrees
to sign his name to some forms posing as Chuck's gay lover. However, to
please an over eager bureaucrat, the two men must prove that they're
actually homosexuals so that the policy doesn't become void.

Mandy Lane

Mandy Lane (Amber Heard) is a sweet, young virginal teenager who has
blossomed into the kind of girl all the boys want. Invited to a weekend
retreat by some of her classmates — several of whom want to be Mandy's
"first." However, a mysterious figure has appeared on the scene who
will do anything to be the first one to get Mandy alone, even if that
means knocking off the horny competition.


In a scant 50 years, the sun will start dying, and when it goes,
mankind will go with it. Eight astronauts are sent into space for a
last-ditch effort to save the dimming star, but as they get closer to
the giant flaming ball, either their ship starts to fail or their minds
begin playing tricks on them. Either way, it's not a pretty situation…

July 25

Arctic Tale

This documentary chronicles the lives of two youngsters in one of the
coldest places on Earth. Watch as Seela the walrus and Nanu the polar
bear grow from newborns to teenagers and what it takes to survive in an
environment that's rapidly shrinking thanks to climate change.

July 27

The Camden 28

In 1971, 28 anti-Vietnam war activists who conspired to steal draft
board records from an Army Intelligence office in Camden, NJ were
arrested and put on trial. Some of those on trial were Catholic priests
who faced up to 47 years in federal prison. Believing they faced an
unjust system and charged with an unjust crime, these 28 individuals
nevertheless remained resolute in their beliefs and hoped their action
would help end the war.

Fat Girls

Rodney (Ash Christian) is just an awkward, gay teenager trying to
survive high school. At least, he has one friend, the chubby and the
equallly socially outcast Sabrina (Ashley Fink), to commiserate with.
Rodney also has big dreams of becoming a star on Broadway, so rather
than suffer in silence anymore, he decides to take charge of his life
and gather enough courage to ask out the studly new exchange student
from England.

I Know Who Killed Me

Aubrey Fleming (Lindsay Lohan) is a nice, quiet daughter of rich
parents who goes to a good school and gets good grades. But one day,
Aubrey is abducted and goes missing for awhile, only to be found and
revived in a hospital. However, upon waking up, she claims to be a
stripper named Dakota and can't figure out why everyone thinks she's
this Aubrey person.


Before he became a famous writer and dramatist, Moliére (Romain Duris)
was a failed actor who got tossed into jail by his creditors in 1644.
Once released, Moliére disappears into the countryside to reinvent
himself in a new acting troupe to return triumphantly to his beloved
Paris in 1658.

No End in Sight

After the fall of Baghdad in 2003, Iraq began it's swift decline into
anarchy. This documentary examines the policies and actions that
allowed this situation evolve. Featuring interviews with former Deputy
Secretary of State Richard Armitage, Ambassador Barbara Bodine, Colonel
Lawrence Wilkerson and General Jay Garner.

No Reservations

Kate Armstrong (Catherine Zeta-Jones), an uptight master chef, has her
perfectly ordered world shattered by two unexpected surprises. First,
she's forced to care for her orphaned nine-year-old niece (Abigail
Breslin). Second, her restaurant takes on an aggresive new sous-chef
(Aaron Eckhart) who proves to be both insufferable — and irresistable.
A remake of the foreign film Mostly Martha.

The Simpsons Movie

Is this the end for Springfield? Homer (voice of Dan Castellaneta) must
save his beloved hometown from a total idiot, i.e. himself, who has
doomed it to destruction.


A teenage boy discovers that he's the winning prize in a war between
two tribes of werewolves: One group wants him alive and the other wants
him dead. Will he and his mom find out the secret of what makes him so
important before the rise of the next red moon?

This Is England

In 1983 England, a lonely 12-year-old boy (Thomas Turgoose) just
looking for some friends is inducted into a gang of angry skinheads.
Taken under the wing of the gang's fearsome, charismatic leader
(Stephen Graham), the young kid gets a quick lesson in how cruel life
can be.

Who's Your Caddy?

When rap mogul C-Note (Big Boi) tries to join and is rejected by the
Carolina Pines Golf & Country Club, he cons his way into a
membership anyway. But when he and his rowdy crew take over the stuffy
club, the organization's top leaders devise a way to rid themselves of
this menace once and for all.

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New Movies for July. Glynnster2
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PostSubject: Re: New Movies for July.   New Movies for July. Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2007 10:16 pm

cheers mate Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: New Movies for July.   New Movies for July. Icon_minitimeFri Jul 27, 2007 6:57 pm

Hmmm, didn't think much of it.
To be honest i was expecting so much more.

Evan Almighty
Well there's a different story, i thought it was funny.
Made me chuckle!

Next on my list is:-
Hills have eyes 2 (i know not a recent release)
Die hard 4
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PostSubject: Re: New Movies for July.   New Movies for July. Icon_minitime

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New Movies for July.
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