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 One Dark And Stormy Night

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PostSubject: One Dark And Stormy Night   Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:03 am

One Dark And Stormy Night

John Bradford had some hard luck hitching a ride and found himself stranded out of town. It was dark and a thunder storm was rolling in fast. With no shelter in sight.

The night got wild, rain started pelting down, wind began howling and thunder clouds turned night into pitch black. John could hardly see a few feet ahead of himself and had no choice but to keep walking, no cars had passed for some time.

Suddenly John realised a car had rolled up slowly behind him.

Desperate and so very thankful for shelter John didn't hesitate, he jumped in the car and struggled to close the door on the wind and rain, then he turned to thank a good samaritan. No one was there...! No one was in the car... no one was driving! Bewildered it struck John the engine in this car was not running either, and although the headlights were on the window wipers were not going! While he tried to make sense of it the car had started rolling on!

John was getting worried... and worry turned to panic as the car rolled faster and a bend in the road appeared through driving rain, only feet ahead. Gripped with fear and indecision if he should dive for the driver's seat or bail out the door... John was groping for the door handle, just then a hand appeared through the driver's window which he had not noticed in the confusion, was wide open. The hand turned the wheel for the corner!

Paralysed by the unknown, and mounting fear, John struggled to see the road ahead... ready to release the door and take his chances at each bend, but every time, the hand appeared to steer the car. After a few more bends the car began to slow down. John saw some lights that looked like a pub at the top of a small hill and with the car slowing more, he wasn't sticking around to see what might happen next when it stopped. He took his chance to bail out the door and make a run for it. Wet and out of breath he burst into the pub, where people fell silent at his entrance... John gained some breath, gathered some courage, and asked the barman for two strait shots of tequila! With a couple of sips John started to tell his story.

Everyone remained quiet, seeing John soaking wet and white as a ghost, had truly been terrified by something out there.

About 15 minutes later when he had started to gather his wits, two more fellows burst into the pub soaking wet, exhausted for breath, looking around a little crazed. They both stop looking when they spotted John Bradford, now gripping the bar fearing the strange events outside were not over yet....

"Look, Bruce.. there he is, there's the bastard who jumped in for a free ride while we were busting ourselves to push it here!!!"


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PostSubject: Re: One Dark And Stormy Night   Sun Jul 01, 2007 6:10 pm

Good one jasper


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One Dark And Stormy Night
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