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 Findlay Brown

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PostSubject: Findlay Brown   Thu May 10, 2007 8:33 pm

Findlay Brown
Separated By The Sea release date: 1 Mar 2007 // label: Peacefrog

OK. Three times through this album and I still donít understand why it isnít the one causing all of the ructions. There are a lot of top male singer/songwriters around at the moment but this guy should be the daddy. He has the voice, the songs, the production, the music Ė did I mention the songs?
Findlay Brown has been influenced by some of the great songwriters but he is producing songs that might harken to others style but who are his and his alone.
'Down Among The Dead Mení is a brooding piece of paranoia with Brownís voice multi-layered over a beautifully picked acoustic guitar line, soft handclaps in the distance providing the rhythm. 'Separated By The Seaí is a folky number with Brownís soft voice over a simple guitar riff a la James Taylor out of Clifford T Ward. 'The Loneliness I Fearí could have been written by Nick Drake himself and would have been claimed as a masterpiece, 'Paper Maní with its skewed strings and Beatlesque lyric and the whole thing finishing on 'Twin Green Pramí - utterly simple and melancholic voice over picked guitar.
Musically Brown has kept it simple although there are plenty of 'unexpectedí sounds that on the second listen make absolute sense Ė the Pedal Steel on 'Come Homeí for example.
There isnít a single piece of filler on this album and every track leads to another little exclamation of delight. The production by Simon Lord is uncluttered and allows the music to burst out and there is a sense that this is a huge talent being born here.
Brown has some strong company in terms of Seth Lakeman, Derren Nauendorf and the rest of the new folk field but he is at least as good as those others and could be a huge talent given the chance.


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Findlay Brown
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