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 Alicia's Camera Phone Pics

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PostSubject: Alicia's Camera Phone Pics   Wed Apr 25, 2007 4:50 am

(me after a dance)

(me at the dance with my date dancin)

(smexy meh..ha doubt it!)

(my friend alisha and this guy that likes her dancin...)

(my new puppy! hes sooo cute <3)

(Buda B. Jones... a friend from skool)

(Carni Whore...a friend from skool)

(ha broken...just like my heart...)

(Carni Whore and Buda... my friends at skool with their D.A.R.E. book ha its to keep kids at skool off drugs but they are still on em...specialy those 2)

(i should use this as my one accounts popmycherry's picture lol....)

(my cuddly lil puppy!...-_- every one calls him lucky but i call him petie <3)

(me afta a nite of drunk off my @$$...)

(a fat tiger painted on the wall of some skool i went to for a speech and debate tornument o ya speech is ova yay!!!)

(his fishstick in her turkish cow..thats the nite that i made fun of my friend jenni and her bf jesse....)

(thats my friend alisha with that guys arm around here i made fun of them 2 his fishstick in her turkish cow as well hehe)

(my uncle jim at work)

(josh the skinny b@stard at my skool....i sit with him at lunch)

(me in a skirt ooo... lol XD)

(my mummy and my sissy)

(my bff's!!! jenni and alisha...

(my evil kitty boo boo)

(my adorable puppy petie! (aka lucky)

(Peter Charles Pan... lita is her name another friend from skool)

(my adorbale petie!)

(thats my lil sis watchin tv and i took a pic thats wat came out it looks like a scene from a horror movie dont it?)


(sleepy puppy)

(smillin love birds)

(soooo cute!!!!)

(jenni and jesse suckin face)

(i made a cool pic and put that sayin on it then took a pic on my phone of just that sayin... :[ ....)

(whitney a friend from skool)

(Wyatt...the guy i took to that dance i also sit with him at lunch..)

(wyatt at the dance)

(my aunt a)

(hehe 4:20)


(pic i colored)

(pic i colored)

(my bestest friend alisha playing with fire hehe)

(floam penis)

Hope yu all enjoy these pics ^_^ <3 i shall take more hehe
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Alicia's Camera Phone Pics
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