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 No one knows...

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PostSubject: No one knows...   Wed Apr 25, 2007 4:27 am

No One Knows
Everyone thinks they know...
No one knows...who I am
No one knows...what I'm like
No one knows...about my scars on the inside
No one knows...about my scars on the outside
No one knows...the true me
No one I work
No one knows...that I'm breakable
No one breakable I am
No one hear has been broken
No one many times
No one knows...that my life is torture
No one bad it is
No one knows...the humiliation I take
No one knows...the lost of my fate
No one knows...why I cry
No one I'll die
No one desires
No one hearts one fire
No one knows...what ive done
No one knows...what ill do
No one knows...where ive been
No one knows...where im going
No one knows...about the devils behind me
No one knows...about the angels beside me
No one knows...One person knows...
God that is...Why not any one else?

Sorry this poem may seem a little depressing but i have my mood swings like this...I wrote this one a while back in my misery a year ago and have not shown a soul just like i have kept my secret for a year and have recently shared it with most you here as now I will share this with you all here....hope yu all enjoy much love, alicia <33
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No one knows...
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