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 Forum Rules.

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PostSubject: Forum Rules.   Forum Rules. Icon_minitimeMon Feb 26, 2007 9:47 pm

Welcome to Total Music Forum

First and Foremost could all new members please go and Introduce your self to our members.

*New Rule* There will be no minimum post requirement
you registered for an account at my Forum, you don't have to make a
minimum post per day or later. Although if you would like to become a
respected part of our community you are by all means welcome to make
your voice count.

Total Music Rules

[1] Guests Section
are only allowed to start a new Topic and reply in the Guest Section. If don't feel like going to
your e-mail account and activate your account, then go ahead and post
by asking the Admins to activate your account. Rules still apply in the
Guests Section. No Chat Thread in the Guests Section.

You can Double Post after a 24 hours period
I will allow that. Use the Forum Rules. Icon_edit_en button if you wish to edit your post.

[2] No Spamming
consider posts having no meaning or worth to be spam. Posts consisting
of one word (like 'lol') may also be considered spam. Also, posts that
are made ENTIRELY IN CAPS are spam. Even if you're being helpful and
answering a question, if your post is made in CAPS, you will be
punished! Last of all, posts that contain stupid messages which were
written for the sole purpose of being an idiot or to annoy people
are considered spam. Lastly, posts consisting of highly off-topic
content are spam as well.

[3] No Pornography Business
includes Fetish websites, hentai, and Gay sites. If I see a pornography
image or a link that leads to it, I will lock the Topic and you will be
banned for a minimum of 3 weeks. And NO posts relating to sex or anything pornographic, this will lead to a warning.

[4] No Referral Links
post a link that happened to see on pop-ups or links to 'cool sites'
that 'happen' to give you referrals. We are not stupid enough to fall
for getting a free X-box or IPods by sending in our Address to some
magical company because that is a scam.

[5] Please try and post in English
This forum is in English so please try and post in the correct language, if you are from another country we have a language converter for you to use.

[6] Report Post
If you see a post or a profile that a Member violates any of these rules, please Report.

[7] Advertising
You don't register just to advertise your Forum, make sure your post count is at least 50 posts and over.

Profile Rules

[8] Avatars and Signature
Maximum size of your Avatar is 150x150 and the Maximum size of your
signature is 500x150. If this is exceeded, I will take it off of your

[9] Profile
Nothing in your profile that can annoy people or to make them think you are a complete moron. There is consequences.

Please follow these rules and enjoy your time at Total Music Forum.

Thank You Total Music Site Owner

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Forum Rules. Glynnster2
Forum Rules. WinnerforJune
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Forum Rules.
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