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 Simply Red

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PostSubject: Simply Red   Mon Apr 02, 2007 6:32 pm

Simply Red

release date: 12 Mar 2007 - label: V2

'Stayí is a testament to Simply Redís persistent ability to produce
soulful and classy easy listening tracks but sounds ever so slightly
more mellow than we are used to hearing from Hucknall and co.

Though the album is unmistakably in the same vein as
Simply Redís previous work it is more modern and less cliched, probably
as a result of Hucknallís increased maturity and simultaneously reduced

From the sensitive romance of 'The world and you tonightí
to 'So not over youí an honest account of someone trying to force
themselves to move on when the reality of a collapsed relationship sets
in, to no avail.

'Oh! What a girlí is far rockier, with some
hard guitar riffs climaxing over a girl (not literally), showing how
bowled over you can get when you finally find everything you want in

A cover of Ronnie Laneís 'Debrisí is another highlight
to this fine album, one for listening to if youíre feeling either at
one with the world and all the love in it, or conversely you feel like
wallowing in your own loves lost.
Elements of the album bring out
Simply Redís bluesy best, marred only by the slightly disappointing
'Little Englanderí, but that is probably because Iím never a fan of
children backing any songs unless they are Christmas carols or mini-pop
versions of 80s classics.


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Simply Red
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